Frequently Asked Questions about Junk Removal      FAQs Do I Need To Be At Home When The Work Is Done? This depends on the job. We will discuss the options with you before hand.     What Type Of Payment Does Mater Haul Accept? We gladly accept cash or checks.    Is Haul Master Hauling Insured and Licensed? Yes! We are fully licensed and insured and meet all of the federal, state and city licensing and insurance requirements that are needed to do business in the hauling and demolition industry.   Can I Schedule Same Or Next Day Hauling Service? Somedays we can work you into our schedule but we do prefer a 1-2 day notice.   Is my property and yard safe from being damaged by your trucks and equipment? Yes.  Our equipment is driveway safe.  And we are careful to protect your property during the removal process.    Will you take broken appliances like stoves and refrigerators? Yes.  We recycle all appliances.  The freon in refrigerators and A/C’s must be recaptured before disposal.   Is there anything that cannot be hauled or taken to the dump? We can haul most anything. Somethings go to different sites to dispose of properly. We do not haul hazardous materials.    Where is the haul taken to?  We recycled metal, cardbooard and other items. Tires, batteries, computers and electronics are always taken to authorized sites. Other trash is taken to waste mgt. transfer station.
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Nashville Junk Removal Hot Line:  (615) 885-1736
1801 Joseph Hayes Ct Mt Juliet, TN 37122 (615) 885-1736
Nashville Junk Removal
1801 Joseph Hayes Ct Mt Juliet, TN 37122